Network security companies are responsible for keeping you and your information secure. At NexLinked, we take our security solutions very seriously. Each of our partners puts trust in us, and we are committed to keeping their networks secure at all times. As a passionate network services company, we offer an array of security solutions to meet the varied needs of our clients. From system security to surveillance systems, NexLinked has you covered.

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Here is a brief overview of many of the security solutions we can offer:

  • Computer System Security – Restaurants and retailers rely heavily on their POS systems to keep business running smoothly. And if you’re working in an office, you know how important your computer system can be. NexLinked offers security not just for individual computers, but for your entire system. We can keep your systems functional and safe from intrusion so you don’t have to worry.
  • Network Security – Network security is of paramount importance in just about any industry these days. No matter your business, you want to keep your information secure. That means keeping your data protected, and also preventing threats from getting in. NexLinked’s network security solutions will provide you with the tools needed to control access to and security for your network.
  • Data Integrity – Data integrity should never be overlooked, especially in industries that rely on data precision. When it comes to network services, data integrity means several things. First and foremost, it means ensuring that all sensitive data is safe and secure. This is immensely important in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, for instance. But “data integrity” also refers to the ease of access, recoverability, and fluidity of your data. Keep your data safe and efficient with our data integrity solutions.
  • Site Security – With the amount of business conducted online, your company’s website needs to be secure as well. NexLinked’s site security solutions will give you complete control over the access to your website and its data. In addition to that, our site security solutions will help prevent and solve any potential site errors that may occur.
  • Door Access Systems – Digital security is important, but so is physical security. In addition to our network and computer security services, NexLinked also offers peace of mind with secure access systems. You can rely on our door access security systems for easy and painless security on the premises of your organization.
  • Surveillance Cameras – Surveillance cameras can be both the first and last line of security for a business. In addition to everything else, it helps to have eyes where you need them most. NexLinked can help simplify and optimize your on-site surveillance systems as needed.

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IT Networking Companies

With so much of the world moving into the digital realm, your IT systems need to be secure. IT networking companies like NexLinked provide peace of mind so you never have to worry about your network or devices. At NexLinked, we are passionate about offering streamlined, easy to understand IT solutions to suit every partner’s unique needs.

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